Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Vermont Moving Picture Show!

These videos hail from the Green Mountain State, Vermont. Reaching the state line was one of my big milestones of this trip. It proved us with great views/actual mountains (something the last few hundred miles were lacking), trail magic, stories and lots of rain!

Hiker Trash Speedometer

Hiker Trash Shower in West Hartford, VT - Spice still needs to work on his camera operating skills.

JC and I were the last ones on Bromley's lookout tower before it was taken down. 

An old section hiker once asked me "You know what the best part about wet shoes are?" I tried my best to think of something witty but the three days of continuous rain were not helping. He replied, "They'll dry out." Wise words.

Special thanks to the Dartmouth Outing Club allowing thru-hikers full access to their computer lab. Would not have been able to upload these without it!

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  1. Solid bog maneuvering skills.

    Enjoy the last three states!