Saturday, June 30, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

I wanted to make it to Vermont before Father's Day, ended up just two days short. Sorry about the delay Dad, I kept on getting into towns while the libraries were closed.

Happy (Belated) Father's Day! 

Sad News From Maine...

Parkside at New Hampshire/Maine state line.

This is Parkside, he started hiking February 17th. Parkside was the 11th thru-hiker to pass thru the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters in Harpers Ferry, WV. He drowned on June 16th in Pierce Pond, just 11 days from summiting Mount Katahdin. I never met Parkside and only knew him from the trail registers. It was very shocking news to here of his passing. His ashes were carried from Pierce Pond to Katahdin by his friends he was hiking with. He summited yesterday.

My heart goes out to all those that hiked with Parkside, his friends and family back home.

Rest In Peace Parkside

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's cold and wet in Connecticut!

It's been a quick run through New Jersey, New York and today I hiked into my 10th state (of 14!) Over the last 8 days I have averaged over 21.7 miles a day. On June 5th I hike 31.3 miles, my longest single day of hiking in my entire life.

Myself at Gillette Stadium - June 2, 2012
After the Fire match that I attended last weekend Jeff Crandall, the Chicago Fire's team writer, did a story about me. I saw it for the first time just a few moments ago. The quote from Frank Klopas about my me/my hike is beyond flattering. Klopas is a proven legend of the Chicago Fire and it means so much to read these words from him...

“This is a special kid,” said the Fire head coach. “Getting to meet him, I’m blown away by his drive and character. Over and over you see our supporters behind us in the stands but also finding ways to help others through charity. I’m impressed with Matt’s dedication and proud to know he’s on our side.”

The entire article can be read here.

Well the library is closing up shop very soon. I hope to meet up with my Aunt Jane and Uncle Andrew in Massachusetts in the coming days. If the stars align I might even be able arrange a visit with my Dad in Bennington, Vermont!

All-in-all I'm in great spirits and very happy to be reunited with my hiking buddy JC! Happy Trails, folks!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We travel land and sea...

Left to Right - Tony, Freddy, Casey, Frank and myself
It has been a very exciting last few days. I got a new pair of Merrell shoes, that my feet are loving -the previous pair had a rip large enough that my big two could pop out! My pack size/weight has gotten even smaller. I switched from a ULA Catalyst to a ULA Circuit. Some of my beloved Fire fans picked me up in Wind Gap, PA yesterday. We are in Massachusetts and will be attending tonight's Chicago v. New England match. Hopefully the Fire can walk away with a good result tonight! Regardless it has been great catching up with some of my friends and seeing some of the sights in Boston today. My time away from the trail will end tomorrow and I hope to cross the Delware Water Gap and enter New Jersey my 8th state so far.

I'm just past the half way point both on the AT and in my fundraising efforts. Please donate today!