Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let me dust this this off.....

In case you have not already heard. My hike on the LT was a great success. We launched from the US Canadian Border on October 18, 2013 and stood at the Vermont-Massachusetts border on November 6, 2013. It was a trip of reunions, cold challenges, and nearly deserted trails. I took the train from Chicago to Rutland, VT. I then hitchhiked 60 miles up Highway 100 to Waterbury, VT. Once in Waterbury I met up with JC and Sherps. We zipped around Vermont caching food that we would pick up along our hike.  

Sunroof (AT '12) and Grumpy (AT VT-ME '12, 1,200 PCT miles '13) met up with us along the way, this hike had a reunion feel to it at times. Hell even the trail was an old friend. The last 90ish miles of the Long Trail are coincide with the Appalachian Trail. 

All in all it was a wonderful trip.

Only took me to hitches to get from Rutland, VT
 to Waterbury, VT. Gotta love Vermonters
Starting off the hike at the US-CAN
border with a little night hiking! 

JC, Sunroof and I packing up at Spruce Ledge Camp.

The Long Trail is blazed with 6x2 white blazes, just like the Appalachian Trail. 

Nothing beats a great spring! 
This is where Vermont's world famous maple syrup comes from. We saw the last bit of fall color only at lower elevations.

Sherps whipping up some amazing dinner in Taft Lodge.

Mt. Mansfield. Highest Point in Vermont.

A little UNO by candle light, thanks to Grumpy!

Mt. Abe! 
The LT after a nice dusting.

Maine Junction, where the LT and AT meet. Quit your job, sell your house, rent out your car, lose the spouse, come walk with us, we're going to Maine. Life is never going to be the same. -- Rabbit '09

Vermont is still recovering from Hurricane Irene. There was once a bridge here.

This is Mount Snow's North Face from the Glastonbury fire tower. My dad's side of the Family grew up skiing those slopes.

Sky blaze!

Another trail completed. We maybe hung out for a 10 minutes and high tailed in to North Adams for free Mexican food! 


  1. Put on some pants for Gods sake! There's snow in those mountains! =)

    1. I've got an image to keep up ;)

      The last three days were near perfect weather sunny and 40s-50s. I was actually sweating!

      Ryan do you have any of your gear outlined on your blog? The PCT is in my sights for 2015 :)