Sunday, February 26, 2012

T-Minus Three Days

Tomorrow I will be taking Megabus to Memphis, TN. My bus arrives late and I won't be able make it to the National Civil Rights Museum, which is a real disappointment. On the 28th I'll head to Atlanta, and be picked up by the wonderful staff of the Hiker Hostel. Where I will meet up with my Grandmother, Weezie. My travel expenses will be a whopping $11.50, thanks Megabus! Years of planning and day dreaming of hiking the AT, will become a reality on the 29th!

Oh I almost forget to mention...

After nine years I thought I would try a "new do" for the Trail. It will be great not having to worry about caring for my lovely locks on Trail. Thanks Katie Nava, for the cut!

I also go the chance to meet a "hero" of mine on Friday, Steve-O.

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  1. Thanks for the Emergen-C! I got it today! =)

    Good luck with the hike! Short hair is probably easier to deal with in the backcountry than shoulder-length hair. *nodding* I'm kind of surprised so many women with long hair don't get it cut short for the hike, but I'm not one to complain about a cute girl with long hair. =)

    -- Ryan