Friday, May 18, 2012

April 25 - May 1

This section of trail might have been my favorite so far. It also helped that I was hiking with a great group of thru hikers!

Bryant Ridge Shelter, one of the best on the AT.

Missed snow again!

In full bloom!

Myself jumping into the James River

JC Jumping

Hitch in the pack of a pick up during a driving rain.

View from Big Rocky Row

This is for the 2013 Hiker Trash Calendar

Walking thru historic land.

Hiker trash breakfast in Waynesboro, VA. Waynesboro has been the most friendly town we have been thru on the trail.

Raffle Queen was an amazing trail angel! She opened up her home to all four of us and even let us drive her car! Thanks much Raffel Queen. L-R JC, Bugger, Raffle Queen, You Again and I

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