Wednesday, May 16, 2012

April 9-22

The Greyson Highlands, Dragon's Tooth and McAfee Knob are three of the most famous places on the Appalachian Trail. It was such a great time hiking thru these areas. I ended up with some great photographs.

Mount Rogers, the highest point in Virginia.
JC and I at the viewless summit of Mt. Rogers.
Nightly ferrell poney invasion at Thomas Knob Shelter. L-R JC, AC & a random section hiker.

Dinner with a view at Thomas Knob Shelter.

Poney Time!

Pizza, cheese bread, Mountain Dew, thru-hiker heaven! A.C. in the background zoning out, he's usually not that intense!

Partnership Shelter near Marion, VA. You can order pizza from this place!

Climbing Chestnut Knob

Thru-hiker socks.

Dinner time in Chestnut Knob Shelter.
Woods Hole Hostel. They a huge garden were they grow most of their food what they can't grow they supplement from the near by Amish community. They had us the most amazing homemade blackbean burgers!
Crossing US 460 near Pearisburg, VA

Ziplining from The Captain's House. He allows thru-hikers to stay in his yard and help themselves to soda on the porch!

The shoes on the left brand new, the ones on the left have over 700 miles on them.

Trail Magic after a very difficult climb

Dragon Tooth

"We travel land and sea, to see a victory! Let's make some for the Chicago Bhoys!"

The Homepace in Catawba, VA. An all you can eat family style buffet. AMAZING!

Sunset at McAfee Knob.

McAfee Knob sunrise

JC blazing an early morning trail off McAfee

Stream Crossing


  1. Great photos! We met some of those ponies in 2010. The McAfee knob photo is scary! We weren't that brave.

    Wisconsin Hiker

  2. Incredible photos! Are you a pro?