Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 15-20


Last week I (intern Shelby) went out to Pennsylvania with one of my grade school friends, Hannah, to pay a visit to our favorite hiker, Matt!

We picked him and JC up less than half a mile away from the Mason-Dixon line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, at PenMar Park. We all spent the night at a hotel in Gettysburg, and after the men-folk hiked for a bit we met up at the Antietam Shelter in Pennsylvania, where Matt, Hannah and I spent the evening.

After that the three of us all headed down to the annual hiker festival, Trail Days, in Damascus, VA. Of course Matt made us take a slight detour at the James River Bridge, so that he could jump off a few more times.

Trail Days was great! Matt got some of his gear repaired for free by a variety of vendors, and won a free pair of Birkenstocks! He also got to meet Gene Epsy, the second man to ever thru-hike the AT. After Trail Days was over Matt and I parted ways, so that he could do two days of trail maintenance by participating in Tennessee Eastman Hiking Clubs's Hard Core (TEHC,) while I returned to Illinois.

We also took a side trip while in Virginia to the Grayson Highlands, to see wild ponies.

It was an awesome trip, but now I can't wait until I get to see Matt again! 

--Intern Shelby

Matt jumping into the James River

Matt and Gene Epsy

 Wild ponies in the Grayson Highlands

 It's MY mountain 

Hiker Parade during Trail Days!

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  1. Thanks for the update. So proud of you, Toothbrush!